Beef tripe recipes from around the world

It is not that difficult to find recipes using lamb's, pork's, goat's or hen's tripe. Similarly, one can find out, for example, that the ancient Aztecs used to eat deer's tripe, while the Sciites in the Gobi desert still roast, on a fire made of camels' bones, the animal's own tripe stuffed with the camel's hump minced meat. "Tripe" is, as a matter of fact, a term that is often used to indicate the stomach or, in general, the innards of any kind of animal.

The tripe mentioned in this website though, jokingly referred to as "the fifth quarter", is the bovine one, specifically that of oxen, cows, calves or steers. Tripe is simply the stomach of the slaughtered bovines. Usually is about ten kilograms in weight and it is made of four parts with names that vary from country to country and, in some cases, from region to region.

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Random Tripe Recipe
In a large pot, add the tripe, the beef shank, the stalks of lemongrass bruised and knotted, the bay leaves, the milk, and a spice paste obtained b...
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Revolutionary tripe
The origins of the Philadelphia Pepper Pot soup are attributed to Christopher Ludwick, baker general during the American Revolutionary War. In the harsh winter of 17771778 in Valley Forge the Continental Army was running low on food, and survived on a stew made of tripe and pepper.